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Klay Thompson Wandered Around NYC And Stopped To Give The Local News An Interview About Building Scaffolding

Klay Thompson: NBA player by day, building piping and scaffolding expert by night. It is hard to get more Klay Thompson than to casually stop and give his thoughts on old build scaffolding to the local news while he’s out wandering the streets of New York City. Ever since Embiid came into the league people have stopped paying as much attention to how funny Klay is, but it’s things like this that keep him on the Mount Rushmore of funny and entertaining basketball players.

It reminds me of when Chris Long decided to buy some lottery tickets for him and the old lady:


Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 9.03.34 AM

It’s always a delight when big time athletes/celebrities remind us they are just normal people who are in these extraordinary situations. Sometimes all you wanna do during the day is smoke a joint, walk around New York, and think about if you’re gonna get hit in the head by scaffolding or old pipes. And then you go out and drop 81 points in a game at night. Klay Thompson, keep living your best life my friend.