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Question of the Day: Who Will Lose First? The Patriots or the Celtics?



The fact that this is a real question right now is bananas, but here we are. Both Boston teams have gone over a month since their last loss. The Patriots haven’t lost since October 1st and the Celtics haven’t lost since October 18th. It’s fucking insane. I mean to say the rich keep getting richer would be an understatement.

Now in regards to the question the answer is obviously the Celtics.  That’s no knock on them but the Patriots most likely won’t lose a game until September 2018. It’s just tough to figure the Celtics will go 79-2 and sweep the entire playoffs.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s unlikely.  Therefore based on the sheer number of games left in the NBA season and the science of it all you got to say the Celtics will lose first. But that may still not happen for another month or two. God it’s great to be a gansta.