Drake Says "Free Meek Mill" During A Concert, Reminding Us That Rap Feuds Are Pointless When One Of You Is In Prison

Pigeons and Planes- The beef between Drake and Meek Mill is one of the most documented and arguably the biggest rivalries in recent hip-hop memory. Beginning in the summer of 2015, the riff became an all-out spectacle that involved politicians, corporations, athletes, and some of the most memorable memes of all-time. Both artists have had time and opportunities to squash the beef but instead chose to re-ignite it whenever provided the chance to. Now, after over two years, there are signs of a possible end to the animosity.

Last night, Drake brought the Boy Meets World tour to Melbourne for the second straight night and in between records he took some time to engage the crown and shout out some fans. One fan happened to be wearing a “Free Meek Mill” t-shirt and Drizzy spotted him and surprisingly has some positive things to say. “I see you got the “Free Meek Mill” t-shirt on, free Meek Mill man, for real. You right,” he said before going on to show love to the next set of fans. 


Although small, this is a sign that there may be a chance that we get to see Drake and Meek end their feud and maybe even come together to create again.

Last night, during a concert in Melbourne, Drake spotted a fan wearing a “Free Meek Mill” t-shirt in the crowd and said “free Meek Mill, for real. You right.” People are hailing it as the end of the Drake-Meek Mill beef, which is ridiculous for a couple of reasons. First, that beef was DEAD the moment Drake put out “Back to Back.” That song is so good that it was nominated for a grammy as a diss track. It was also never a fair fight. Drake made $94 MILLION in 2017. Meek Mill, on the other hand, picked up a few rolls of contraband luxury toilet paper in exchange for “favors” in prison. So, that’s lopsided.

Which brings us to our next point: it’s very easy to be gracious to your enemies when they’re in prison and you’re on top of the world. It would serve no purpose for Drake to speak ill of a guy who can’t respond except during visiting hours. Twitter is saying the beef is over. But for all we know, Meek Mill is fuming right now and hates Drake as much as ever. We may find out in 2-4 years, when he gets out, that the beef has been burning all along. Of course by that point, Drake will probably be President and won’t bother with the trifles of an old rap feud. But don’t pronounce a treaty until we hear from Meek.


PS- it’s telling that Meek’s best song features Drake…