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The Best of 5th Year and Viceroys: Week 12

5th Year is back after week 11 of college football. The Snapchat show, which goes live every Friday, highlighted Rone and Caleb’s gameday weekend at The University of South Carolina. Next week’s show will feature Wisconsin for the Wisco/Iowa game, so be sure to catch the show exclusively on Snapchat.

In addition, we have the Instagram and Twitter which will bring you the best college content from across the nation DAILY. Every Monday at 5PM on Twitter, 5th Year will post the top 20 videos from the weekend for our weekly #BestOf5thYear contest. Here is a preview of some of the best content that 5th year and the viceroy accounts have to offer from week 12.

West Virginia: Wife material

Alabama: You think your rivalry game is serious? Auburn vs. Alabama is about that life.


Merrimack: When you break the news that Saturdays are for the Boys.

UNCC: It’s 4 am, your girl is drunk, and she has one thing on her mind –

Iowa State: Superbad (2007)

Maine: When your roommate is going to poundtown.


Fresno State: The last supper before Thanksgiving break.

UNH: “Do you like Girl Scout girl scout cookies?” Is the pick up line you never knew you needed.

Texas A&M: Taking the leftover game to the next level.

GCU: Is Grand Canyon University the toughest stadium to play at in the country?


South Carolina: Just one of the gals.

UCSB: That’s as clear as I can make it.

Florida: I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.

Penn State: This guy walks into the party. Where do you hide your girlfriend?


Cal Poly: I have the best little ever!!!!

Washington: Showing your parents what you learned in college.

UCF: “What does Molly even feel like?”

East Carolina: Girls on Elevated Surface, the sequel.