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MMA Fighter Doesn't Even Try To Hide How Much It Hurts To Get Kicked In The Penis


Homeboy hit’em with that Flair flop for a cup graze! Not even a dead-on shot to the dick!

This may be a surprise to non-MMA fans, but this is NOT the regular reaction a fighter gives when they’re hit in the genitals. Usually a shot to the babymakers comes along with a wince, one hand up to signal to the referee where they were kicked, and one hand on the now swelling cock. Fighters do wear cups, but it still hurts like a motherfucker and you’re given five minutes to recover, which most don’t need. You bet your ass this guy savored in all 300 seconds and didn’t move a muscle. He may still be on the ground right now.

If I ever made it to the UFC, I’d throw my penis at my opponents’ limbs. Pelvic thrusts until I caught a blow to the urethra. That way I get a disqualification win, I get paid, and everyone starts to hate me. Fighters calling me out, claiming they’ll be the one to not get disqualified against Bob. Not today, not any day pal. You fight me? You’re hitting me right in the dick.