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Nightmare: Chris Thompson Carted Off The Field In An Air Cast After Bad Looking Injury

I’m gonna be sick. Chris Thompson is so talented. The Redskins most dangerous weapon. Had battled injuries in the last few years and finally broke out this season, emerging as their go-to, leading the team in rushing and receiving. A threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. I’ve blogged his praises all year. He’s been a delight to watch develop. The world was his oyster. And now this. Just devastating. Air cast on the field. Emotional on the cart on the way off. Football is just so sick. I feel so awful for him. Blocking downfield and rolled up on. It sucks. Sucks so much. One of the bright spots on the Redskins offense, and a future All Pro. Hoping for a full recovery and to see him back out there at 100% next season.

RG3 said it best: