Jerry Jones Catching Heat For 4 Year Old Video Congratulating A Man's Fiancee On Her Engagement: "You Know He's With A Black Girl Tonight Don't Ya?"


THE BLAST - Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made a racial comment to a fan in a Dallas hotel after the man asked for a congratulatory message for his new fiancée.

The video was shot in 2013 at the Warwick Melrose Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Jones is walking near the bar and appears to be heading out of the hotel.

In the video, he’s asked to deliver a special message for the recent engagement or wedding of a couple who seem to be Cowboys fans.

Jones looks directly into the camera and says, “Jennifer, congratulations on the wedding. Now, you know he’s with a black girl tonight, don’t you?” He then busts up laughing.

We’re told the fan in question is white.

Even though the video was shot four years ago, we’re told the fan recently shared it with his group of friends because he thought the current temperature of race in the NFL and the country made Jones’ comments relevant. The friends were shocked after seeing the footage.

It was sent to The Blast because the individuals involved thought it was important for NFL fans to see. The source we spoke with said, “F**k Jerry Jones.”

Damn Roger Goodell’s people fight dirty.  I mean it’s pretty ironic that this video just happened to “turn up” because a fan “thought the current temperature of race in the NFL and the country made Jones’ comments relevant.”  What crazy timing for this random person to develop a social conscience and feel compelled to send it to a media outlet simply because it was a moral imperative.  Get outta here with that.  Goodell’s Gestapo obviously tracked this down.  Rule number 1 of winning a war – control the PR.  Who cares if it was just a harmless joke and he was chillin with a black guy who was laughing about it while doing it – just the word “race” in the subject guarantees you instant backlash.  WHAT’S WRONG WITH BEING WITH A BLACK GIRL JERRY???  Score this one for Goodell.

Now it’s Jerry’s turn to dig up one of Roger’s – excuse me, “Roger’s wife’s” – burner accounts trolling #BlackTwitter accounts or something.  Everyone has dirt on the internet, all you gotta do is dig it up.

[via The Blast]