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An Update On #GRUMORs: Jon Gruden Is Either A Phenomenal Troll Or He Will Soon Be Tennessee's Head Coach

Jon Gruden may be the most talked about name in college football right now. With an upcoming weekend of lackluster games, Tennessee’s search for a new head coach has the original Gruden Grinder on everyone’s mind.

So, where are we at this point of GRUMOR season?! Jon Gruden has been rumored to be “interested” in the Vols job for it feels like for my entire life. Every year when there is yet another disappointing football season on Rocky Top, Gruden is brought up. Behind saying “the Peyton Manning teabagging situation wasn’t that bad” Vols Nation favorite thing to say is “you do know he is married to an ex-Tennessee cheerleader, right?”

During his press conference after firing Butch Jones, Tennessee AD cracked one hell of a smile while declining to comment on Butch Jones:

Some have been referring to this as the “Smile Seen Across Rocky Top” considering that just 2 days before his press conference, Gruden hinted at returning to football:


The next day, it was reported that Gruden was assembling a team of Vols to rebuild the program upon the rock that was once on TOP:

Then came Tuesday, when it was reported that Gruden was in Knoxville when the hit on Butch Jones went down:

Wednesday started early for all those keeping up on the Grumors, as Jon went on Mike & Mike in the morning on ESPN (which is apparently still a show that hasn’t been shut down yet?):


Later in the day, Tennessee fans somehow found a picture of their AD on a flight to Charlotte:

Then came today, where the Grumors went from hot to SIZZLING:

“That’s a great song…rocky top” I start to feel things inside my body thinking about Jon Gruden singing Rocky Top.


The state of Tennessee’s productivity is around zero right now. Every office looks just like this:

We’ll keep an eye on all and every Grumor from around the web, even if it’s a “my friend went to high school with the cousin of Jon Gruden’s wife” rumor. Speaking of those game of telephone-like rumors, here is my favorite one so far:

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