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Police Try To Stop A Motorcyclist From Jumping Over Train Tracks So He Jumps Over The Train Tracks To Get Away

This took me back. Way back. Do you guys remember the Metal Mulisha? And guys like Brian Deegan? Well if you don’t they were the badasses of motorcross when I was a young man and obsessed with the X Games. I was more into BMX and skateboarding and guys like Dave Mirra (RIP) and Bob Burnquist but I’d tune into some freestyle motocross from time to time. The Metal Mulisha were the shit and it just so happens that this Colby Raha guy is a member of the Metal Mulisha. I didn’t know until just now. I watched the video and thought, “Damn that reminds of the Metal Mulisha for some reason” and sure enough the dude is a member. I didn’t even know they were still around. In my mind, they were a part of my youth and I never thought about what happened to them once I stopped following along.

Anyway. That’s a super badass video. At first it seemed too good to be true but apparently that’s a super popular spot to jump so that’s why the police were just hanging around. It didn’t work this time around. It actually worked against them cause the dude just jumped the train tracks and got away. The police are obviously gonna find him now since he made that video but oh well. Still an awesome moment.