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Pringles Is Testing Out Thanksgiving Dinner Flavors (Turkey, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, Etc.) And I NEEEEEED To Try Them



Kelloggs- This Thanksgiving, Pringles® is bringing all your holiday favorites to the snacking table with the new and exclusive, limited-edition Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner. If you can’t make it home for the real feast, or just want a tasty snack while watching the game, this “dinner” is so deliciously close to the real thing, it may become part of your own tradition. Each Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner contains a tray of the mouth-watering crisps fans know and love in eight new Thanksgiving themed flavors: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Creamed Corn, Green Bean Casserole, Mac & Cheese and Pumpkin Pie.

For this exclusive rollout, the Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner is a pilot taste test and has only limited availability. While the dinner is not available for retail sale this season, who knows what the future of Pringles stacking and snacking will bring!


Hey Pringles…sup?

Between this morning’s blog about Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes and this Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner dropping on my face, my brain is officially on overload. Or maybe my body is crying out in fear at all these new junk foods I want to eat. I’m not sure but I also don’t give a shit. This could be a GAME CHANGER.

I was talking to KFC about doing some sort of Snackin’ Off for Thanksgiving and we couldn’t think of a good food to review. There is obviously no shortage of snacks associated with Halloween and Christmas. But there is a big ol’ turkey-sized snack hole with Thanksgiving, which is the Super Bowl of dinner food. Football is locked in as the extra curricular staple of Turkey Day, pigs in a blanket are in all their glory since it is #SwishSZN, and pumpkin pie has a Cersei-like clutch on the Thanksgiving dessert throne. But none of that stuff really makes for great snacking outside of the basics. I did some 15 Second Food Reviews for some Thanksgiving flavored chips a few years ago on my old blog and they were pretty good (using the Casa de Clem’s fine china, nbd. This is also the ONLY time anyone has used the fine china since we got it as a wedding gift 7 years ago, kbd).



Rating: 6.2/10. In full disclosure, I do not like cranberries. I don’t like them as a berry, as a sauce, or as a juice (what are you, on your period?). Anyway, the chips didn’t really have a strong cranberry taste. Just kind of a subtle, sweet flavor. However, the band The Cranberries are incredible. I wanted to go with “Zombie” for this review, but that seemed more Halloween-ish than Thanksgiving-ish. “Dreams” is my 2nd favorite Cranberries song, but I didn’t think it had enough appeal. Okay, I’m rambling.


Rating: 9.2/10. A quick rant here. Stuffing is the best side dish on Thanksgiving. Mashed potatoes are great, but that’s more of an all-year-round side. Yams, corn, sweet potatoes, etc. cannot even DREAM of being on the same level as stuffing.. They nailed the multifaceted taste of stuffing in these chips and I am now fiending the living daylights for homemade stuffing. Fantastic work, Boulder Canyon.

Turkey & Gravy:


Rating: 8.4/10. Turkey and gravy is like the quarterback and head coach for an NFL team. If they are bad, your team/meal cannot be anything better than average. But if they are good-to-great, all the other pieces fall into place perfectly. This chip flavor falls in the good range.

Pumpkin Pie:

Rating: 6.7/10.I dislike pumpkin flavored items. If pumpkins tasted so good, we would eat pumpkins. We wouldn’t process it and load it up with sugar/seasoning/etc. This latest pumpkin trend is out of control. It is a disgrace to America that apple is not the official and unofficial flavor of fall. Anyway, this “pumpkin” pie chip was pretty good. Better than the cranberry chip, but still pretty weak. To this day, I will ask for a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream, eat the whipped cream, and throw the piece of pie away untouched. I have that much disrespect for pumpkin flavoring.

But obviously Pringles getting into the Thanksgiving is a whole new ballgame. When that beautiful mustachioed man talks about coming out with a new flavor, you listen. Not only is he coming out with the turkey, basic sides, and pumpkin pie. But he is also coming out with awlll duh trimmings (*Mike Francesa voice) like mac & cheese and green bean casserole.


Nothing beats a fucking food map. And not only did Pringles make a food map but they also encourage you to make all the Day After Thanksgiving Leftover Food Frankensteins that makes that day so glorious (along with Black Friday fight videos and watching Portnoy go broke one t-shirt at a time).


Jelly Bellys are good jellybeans because they taste like foods that usually wouldn’t be a candy. But the thing that makes them awesome is when you create a new flavor by having a Jelly Belly orgy in your mouth. Same goes for these Pringles.

Oh yeah, and it all comes in a fancy ass packaging befitting of a brand that made eating crisps out of a cylinder okay. Yeah I hate the word crisps. Especially when Europeans say it for actual chips. But if potato chips are chips then Pringles are potato crisps. You can’t deny the texture difference and I gotta respect a great one. Sorry, I’m rambling again. I’m just really excited because like Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes, I need to get these on Snackin’ Off ASAP. Holla atcha boy, Pringles (or any Stoolies that work at Kellogg’s)! I promise I will not ether your chips like I did Good & Plenty on our brand new Snackin’ Off Instagram page (SMASH the follow button)