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Tip Of The Cap To This Drunk Guy Who Ordered 200 McDonald's Hash Browns After Being Told He Couldn't Order From The Main Menu At 4am

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Metro- A man has been arrested for drink driving after he ordered 200 hash browns when he was told he couldn’t have any chicken nuggets for breakfast. After being told he couldn’t order from the main menu at 4.50am, he became irate and did four laps of the drive thru at a branch in Sydney. When police arrived after being called by police he was still outside the restaurant waiting for his hash browns. When he was breathalyzed the 30-year-old from Epping, New South Wales, was found to be three times the drink drive limit. The Australian Daily Telegraph reported that the man had his licence suspended and will appear at Hornsby Court on November 30.

Fight. The. Power. What a fucking hero. It was a big deal a while back when McDonalds announced that their breakfast menu would be 24/7. People had been clamoring for it forever and McDonalds finally granted our wish.


But what about the forgotten souls who also want it to go the other way as well? The people who want to be able to order from the main menu when it’s breakfast time? It seems unfair. This intoxicated gentleman just wanted some chicken nuggets at 4am. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it? Anyone who has ever been drunk and wanted chicken nuggets knows it’s an emergency. Code red. Threat level midnight. And to be denied is nothing short of devastating. I never understood why fast food places don’t serve all their food all the time. It’s not like they don’t have the food items to serve. The chicken nuggets and hamburgers and fries don’t vanish from the inventory during the morning hours. What kind of fast food integrity are they upholding by only serving certain items at certain times of the day? Toss those nuggets in the fryer and give this man his food.

Although I’d argue that any number of hash browns are better than any number of chicken nuggets. Especially at McDonalds. McDonalds chicken nuggets STINK. They are horrible. Fight me. But McDonalds hash browns are a gift from the heavens.