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RIP To One Of The GOATs... Shyla Stylez Has Died


(CalgaryHerald)Shyla Stylez, a 35-year-old Adult Film Hall of Famer, died suddenly in her sleep at her mother’s Armstrong, B.C., home on Nov. 9. Her death has shattered the porn industry, where she was as popular with co-stars as she was with fans. Porn star Alana Evans — star of Amateur Blondes on Blacks and DaVagina Code — described her friend as something akin to tragic film goddess, Marilyn Monroe. She tweeted: “At a loss for words. So sad that my old friend @MsShylaStylez has left us. You were one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.” Evans added: “Whenever she entered a room, it didn’t matter who was around, all you saw was Shyla. Her energy and beauty consumed you instantly. And just like Marilyn, she has left us too early.” There have been no details on how Stylez died. Another adult star, Jesse Jane, wrote that Stylez — star of Accidental Hooker, Crack Addict 7 and Give Me Liberty or Give Me Anal — is now “in a better place.” After high school in rural B.C., she moved to Vancouver where she worked as a cam girl before making the leap to Porn Valley in California where she made more than 400 videos. Her first movie was Perverted Point of View.

Damn. Damn, damn, damn. Another star who lived fast and died young.

I don’t know about you, but I was a huuuuge Shyla Stylez fan. She was Pamela Anderson after Pamela Anderson was Pamela Anderson, but way nastier. When you picture the words “porn star,” even before you’d ever seen a porn, you pictured someone who looked like Shyla Stylez. Stacked, with a bottle of peroxide in her hair, and with something in her butt.

Also, while I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, she was only thirty five? I know white people age like cake in a rain storm but come the fuck on. Shyla was in the MILF category well over ten years ago. She might have been put in MILF before she could legally drink.

Nonetheless, RIP to a real one. Maybe catch a screening or two tonight in her honor. (Is that weird? I think  it’s weird, I know I’m gonna do it anyway)


PS – I’m not sure the listing of everyone’s film titles was necessary in an obituary. I think “Jesse Jane, an adult film star…” would have sufficed. Throwing in “star of Accidental Hooker, Crack Addict 7 and Give Me Liberty or Give Me Anal” kinda changes the tone of the piece.