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Old Man Almost Goes Down After Seeing He Lost The Million Dollar Prize On Wheel Of Fortune


“Watch this, Lisa. You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half.”




kinda dead


That may not be THE Mike Ehrmantraut. But that is definitely AN Ehrmentraut that is no more than three family tree branches away from Mike. And he almost died on live television. He didn’t die, but did he truly survive? Because I haven’t seen knee buckles like that since (TRIGGER WARNING) Carlos Beltran took the last pitch of the 2006 NLCS. And Fried Zucchini was the Endy Chavez catch. A great last ditch effort that in the end didn’t matter.

I know if that was me, I would spend the rest of my days looking out the window at the old folks home whispering “Baked Zucchini” in my rocking chair while shaking my head. Nobody in that family can ever eat fried zucchini again either. Choosing P in the Bonus Round was such a half measure move by Laurel and Frank. Choosing F would have been a full measure that also would have made them a million dollars richer.

Meanwhile lets check in on that sick fuck Pat Sajak that just looooooves twisting the knife in his latest victim of the Bonus Round.


Not only does Sajak twist the knife, but he pulls off that color better than poor Laurel. We almost witnessed TWO murders last night. Three if you include this guy’s brain exploding inside of his skull.


Nobody in the world loves wallowing in someone else’s misery more than Pat Sajak. Well actually there is one guy that loves it more.