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Throwback Video Of Gregg Giannotti Doing A Mike Francesa Impression In Front Of Mike Is Pretty Cool To Watch Now That Gregg Has Been Named Craig Carton's Replacement

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about this new trio taking over for the greatest sports talk radio host in the history of the planet or how Gio is going to fit in with Boomer on the morning show day in and day out. What I do know however is that Gregg Giannotti has balls of steel. It’s not even the best Francesa impression I have ever heard. But just sitting down in the Radio Vatican must be intimidating enough. To then do an impression of Mike right to his face takes stones. But to do it on the airwaves of HIS show and get this type of reaction means you have Juan Uribe-level grapefruits.


Not easy to get Mike to show the pearly whites. Even tougher for him to show his satisfaction with the pen bite.

Also seeing that old studio from the has me yearning for the old YES simulcast days baaaaaaadly. Especially now that Christmas is approaching and we would see Mike in all his glory with his trains. It’s weird to say, but seeing that train set whenever I glanced up from the TV while Mike was on in the background always got me into the Christmas spirit.


Now I just imagine that Mike sets up the train set at home while he wears a Bobby Bacala conductor hat for his kids.


TIL that I’m not ready for December 15th. Not even close, ughkay.