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Barstool SPORTS: Seal Released A Standards Album And I Am In Love Anew


Fellas, a lot of you might not know this about me but I am a straight-up sucker for the Standards. Whether these classics are sung by the velvety voice of Francis Sinatra or the beautiful baritone of Bobby Darin, I’m hooked. Singing the classics is no easy task. People know what they are supposed to sound like. When they’ve been sung by musical giants for generations, there’s simply no wiggle room.

Many vocalists cant pull off the album that Seal just released. His voice is so smooth, so silky, so… dare I say… debonair.

Just listen to that last song. My goodness. Imagine throwing in your Bluetooth headphones that have active noise cancellation but still maintain a deep, true bass. It’s late Autumn. The temperatures have dropped into the low 30s for your walk home. You step out of the double doors to your office building and take a deep breath. The steam from your breath fills the street. Fall’s crispness meets you on the first step. You adjust your scarf and shove your hands deep into your pockets.

Seal’s voice croons the standards in your ears. The music is so pure that this private concert covers you like a vocal quilt. The hot cider in your hand is no match for the depth of warmth that Seal’s voice can bellow with incredible ease. You make it through most of the album on your thirty-minute trip home. As you walk into your home, your mood has relaxed. You go to hang up your coat on the rack like you always do. Right when you reach up to your moose head coat hook, your throat gets slashed by a squatter who broke into your home looking for things to steal for drug money.

I say all this as a word of caution. Even though you want to get lost in the majesty of music, you must remain cognizant of your surroundings. Safety is paramount, folks. Merry Christmas. Namaste. Blessed be.