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Dave Grohl Went On Stage With Guns N' Roses Last Night For 'Paradise City' And Tore The House Down

Out of all of the things in the world to love, I’m not sure I love anything more than special unannounced guests coming up on stage at concerts. I can’t recall a single time where someone was pulled up on stage to perform with a band and DIDN’T kill it, and this is no different. What better musician is there to add on to GNR to perform the high energy “Paradise City” than Dave mothafuckin’ Grohl? He definitely had a look on his face that said, “I know I’m Dave Grohl and all but HOLY FUCKING SHIT I’M ON STAGE WITH GUNS N’ ROSES!”

Two of my favorite bands colliding seriously did this to my face:

Guns N’ Roses is currently on their “Not In This Lifetime” tour, and were on the tail end of it before announcing another European leg making it the “For The Rest Of Our Lifetime” tour, but it makes sense because it’s been the most successful tour in the world since Axl, Slash, and Duff’s reunion. I saw GNR twice on this run, once at Metlife Stadium and once at Madison Square Garden, and both shows were probably the best concerts I’ve ever been to in my life (and that includes a lot). Axl’s voice has never been better, and they play every song you’d ever want to hear over the course of their three hour set. At the MSG show, P!nk joined Axl impromptu to sing the final few bars of “Patience”, and it was an unreal moment:


If you haven’t seen them yet and you’re a fan of rock n roll, get your ass to the UK for a show.

Dave Grohl is no stranger to bringing people on stage with the Foo Fighters (both professionals and fans), and here’s some of my favorite videos of that happening: