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Sean Hannity Has Given Accused Pedophile And Senate Candidate Roy Moore A 24-Hour Ultimatum After Moore's Alleged Signature Surfaces From Girl's High School Yearbook

<> on September 25, 2017 in Fairhope, Alabama.

This story keeps getting weirder and weirder and I love it. I don’t love the content of it, don’t love what happened, but whatever happened happened and watching this circus unfold is entertaining as hell. Here comes a great run-on sentence.

Sean Hannity, whose followers have been smashing their own bought and paid for Keurigs after the company stopped advertising on Hannity’s show following Hannity’s defense of an accused child molester who’s likely to win a US Senate seat next month, has put forth a 24-hour ultimatum for that accused child molester Senate candidate after a new accuser produced her high school yearbook complete with an alleged signature from the then 30-something candidate.

Oh boy we’re having fun. Last week, the Washington Post reported that four different women were accusing Moore of pursuing them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. One woman claimed then 32-year-old Moore molested her when she was just 14.

Moore staunchly denied the accusations, calling it all a political smear effort on the favorite to win Alabama’s special election for a US Senate seat on December 12th.

Sean Hannity then defended Moore on his show, reminding us that we’re all innocent until proven guilty (not an incorrect take). However, he then had Moore on his show and many felt he was soft as baby shit with the accused pedophile.

Keurig then tweeted out they would not be advertising further on Hannity’s show. Hannity supporters responded by boycotting Keurig, and by that I mean destroying their own already bought and paid for coffeemakers.

THEN, a new, fifth accuser came forward claiming Moore pursued her when she was in high school. She produced this yearbook signature.

“To a sweeter and more beautiful girl I could not say. Merry Christmas. Love, Roy Moore.”

NOW, folks are arguing over the signature. Moore will not confirm or deny that it’s his, instead opting to let “the experts” determine its authenticity. There are battles over the shapes of letters, the shades of the ink, and everything in between.

Following the yearbook development, Hannity decided to break with Moore a bit and give him a 24-hour ultimatum.

And that, my friends, is politics 2017. What a ride.