Rickie Fowler Says Tiger Woods Is Hitting It Way Past Him In Practice Rounds

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So we’re about two weeks out from Tiger Woods’ return to professional golf. I’d venture to guess we’re going to see a lot of little tid bits like this coming out as the date approaches. The hype machine is gonna be working overtime by the time December 30th gets here. Rickie saying Tiger is blowing by him is just the beginning.

I couldn’t find the words to properly express how I feel about what Rickie said so here’s a quote I found on Google images

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That perfectly encapsulates my feelings on the matter. My brain is telling me not go get sucked back in. My brain is telling me I’m going to end up heartbroken and crying on the bathroom floor. My brain is telling me to just fully embrace the younger generation and stop thinking about Tiger. But my heart is telling me I can fly. My heart is telling me he’s got one more run in him. My heart is telling me this comeback is the real one. And you know what? I don’t care if I end up crying on the bathroom floor. We only get one spin around this giant blue rock and I’m glad to be spending it hoping that Tiger can recapture even an ounce of that old magic. In fact, I’d hate myself even more if I didn’t fully commit to him coming back and then it actually happening. So fuck it. I’m all in. Let’s roll.


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