A Deadpool 2 Teaser + Bob Ross Parody Just Dropped From The Clouds

Lets do a quick inventory of that teaser:

– Witty Puns? CHECK
– Jokes About Masturbation And Hardcore Drugs? CHECK
– A Delightful Nod To One Of The Realest Motherfuckers To Ever Pick Up A Paint Brush? CHECK

Nice to see Deadpool hasn’t changed much since the first movie. There were whispers that Disney may acquire 20th Century Fox, but at least we know that Deadpool 2 should be safe from any gutless Disney executives axing it after it’s first showing. I rep Marvel hard, but I never had any interest in Deadpool growing up. But now there is not a comic book franchise movie I am more excited for than Deadpool just because the first movie was so meta, funny, and kept it real as fuck. And that’s coming from a guy that goes to every Avengers movie opening weekend and still gets nostalgia boners whenever he hears the old X-Men cartoon theme song.

I guess being honest and funny is good for business. Who would have thought?


Only the highest grossing R Rated movie until It set the record this year. Maybe the world isn’t doomed to be stuck in a state of perpetual outrage after all!

Yeah I know the original director left, which is a red flag. But as long as Ryan Reynolds is attached and the spirit of the Deadpool 1 is there, the movie should still be good. And based on this short glimpse, the franchise seems to be gucci*. Now here’s hoping they made Cable badass in this movie.

Still the GOAT Bob Ross Tribute:

*Until Disney buys 20th Century Fox and ruins everything