Even Giants Fans Are Catching L's As Big Blue Fan Gets Thrown Down To The Field By Police During The 49ers Game

ECW! ECW! ECW!!! What a fucking move! I don’t know where it stands on Robbie Fox’s list, but the flying elbow off the top rope is on my Mount Rushmore of non-finisher wrestling moves (I only consider it a finisher for Macho Man Randy Savage who is RIP’ing in peace). A wonderful high flying a spectacle that is about an 8/10 on the imaginary damage scale that exists in my brain while watching wrestling. And before people feel bad for this guy, who showed more fight in this 60 second video than the player whose jersey he’s wearing showed in a 60 minute game, just remember that he got off lightly with a few raspberries, likely a fine, and maybe a few hours in the paddwagon. The rest of those Giants fans had to actually stay and watch their team get their teeth kicked in live by a winless 49ers squad that never led by more than 3 all season until Sunday.

P.S. Here was my 2nd choice for the intro to the blog, but the Ric Flair 30 For 30 has put wrestling right into the forefront of my brain.

*Record scratch*
“You’re probably wondering how I got here.”