If NHL Players Are Going To Start Smooching Each Other, Let's Make It A Little Sexier

So the other night Brad Marchand gave Leo Komarov a little peck on the cheek during the 3rd period of Toronto’s 4-1 win in Boston. Nothing too crazy. It wasn’t like Marchand asked Komarov if he could masturbate in front of him. Just a little peck on the cheek. I thought it was nice and apparently so did Komarov.


“I told him I have a wife and a baby so I can’t do that right now. It is what is is. I kinda liked it”

Quick little shoutout to hockey for being so open minded in the year 2017. Can you imagine the kind of backlash you’d see from football fans if NFL players started kissing each other during games? Papa Johns would never be able to sell another pizza ever again. But not hockey. You wanna smooch your opponent in the middle of the game? Go ahead and lay one on ‘em.

With that being said, my only issue here is that this kiss wasn’t nearly sexy enough. Listen, people. Hockey is at a point right now where we need to start putting the asses in the seats. According to the lamestream media, NFL ratings are dropping. Baseball seems to have been in a steady decline over the years. There is finally some opportunity for hockey to close the gap a little bit between the NHL and the other 3 major sports leagues in America. And if I know anything about anything, it’s that sex sells. So if the NHL is going to close this gap at all, then these kisses are gonna have to get a little more PG-13 at the very least. I don’t need tongue or anything but let’s at least see some mouth kisses. You kiss your aunt on the cheek. Kissing your aunt isn’t going to drive ratings. But a good ol’ fashion mouth kiss late in the game once the kids are asleep? Hey now.

Just sayin’.