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How Weird Is This Dude At The Zoo Showing A Gorilla Pictures Of Female Gorillas?

Ummmmmmm what? That’s just about the weirdest thing ever. How quickly was that gentleman escorted from the building? Anything slower than 15 seconds is far too long. Security needed to be called instantly. Take him straight to the police station. You don’t go to the zoo, show a male gorilla a bunch of female gorilla pictures on some sort of zoo tinder and then continue the life of a normal human being after that. You’re a weird person 24/7 if you do that. We simply got a snap shot of his life. His laptop at home is filled to the brim with gorilla porn. No doubt about it.

We were 10 seconds away from that dude pulling out his dick and swiping with it. I will say, the gorilla was super into it. Nobody ever said the dude didn’t know what he was doing. The gorilla was like, “Nahhh she’s not the one. Nahhhh not her either. I like big butts.” But that really speaks to the guy’s weirdness. He connects with animals and their sexuality on an uncomfortable level. Lock. Him. up.

You know who would’ve loved looking at pictures of female gorillas though?