Jon Stewart Reacts To The Louis CK News On The 'TODAY' Show

The revelations about Louis CK have been interesting to follow in the news and a big part of that has been watching other male comedians react to it. The questions of, “Who knew what, how much did they know and why didn’t anyone say anything?” keep getting asked. It’s pretty uncomfortable every time it gets brought up because the sense seems to be that everyone knew about the rumors but the stories didn’t leave the rumor phase for a variety of reasons. Whether it was CK’s popularity or his power within the industry or whatever. I listened to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast about it. He said he knew about the rumors and asked CK about them but believed his friend when he told Maron that they weren’t real.

And here we have Jon Stewart answering those same questions on the TODAY show. Regardless of how you feel about Stewart, he’s a thoughtful dude. His thoughts on this certainly matter. He says he didn’t know about the Louis CK rumors until a year ago. Maybe that’s true. I don’t know. I’m not sure I believe that. Guys like Louie and Stewart have been in comedy for a long fucking time. They’re friends and peers. It’s hard to believe Stewart just heard about the rumors 12 months ago. That’s what makes this story crazy. CK is obviously fucked cause he’s the one who did these horrible things. But the people who knew and didn’t say anything are also catching a bunch of the fall out. I don’t know what it all means or where it all goes but other male comedians are choosing their words verrrrrrrrrry carefully right now.