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We Are Officially In The Golden Era Of Lacrosse Highlights

As somebody who grew up playing lacrosse in the early 2000s, Mikey Powell has always been the the guy who I considered the GOAT. I know that Gary Gait is the founding father of the modern game. I know that Casey’s career had the longevity. Paul Rabil, John Grant Jr, there have been plenty of legendary players throughout the years. But I’ve always thought that in terms of what lacrosse is supposed to look like, Mikey Powell was the guy for me and I could spend hours watching his highlights. I’m assuming if you add up all the numbers, I’ve probably spent at least a month of my life watching Mikey Powell clips on YouTube. So it’s not an easy thing for me to say that we’re currently living in a time better for lacrosse highlights than the 4 years that Mikey Powell spent at Syracuse. But folks, the time is now.


These kids right here are in high school. Granted they both play at IMG Academy which conducts itself more like a NCAA DI program than most actual NCAA DI programs in the country, but still. And this goal comes in the same fall season as this Tehoka Nanticoke goal that got about as much play on the internet as any goal in lacrosse history.

Keep in mind that Tehoka is only a freshman at Albany and was playing at IMG Academy just last year.

So as you can see, the amount of talent that’s about to take over the college game is ridiculous. Now part of this obviously has to do with stick technology. There’s so much that goes into making heads and shafts and mesh now that makes goals like this possible. Another part of this has to do with guys like Lyle Thompson bringing creativity back into the game. Goalies are better today, defensemen are better today, the turf gives the ball the same bounce every time as opposed to grass. I’d say it’s exponentially harder to score in today’s game if you just play a straight up fundamental style of lacrosse. But when you get creative? The ball is in the back of the net and the highlight is on a sports highlight show on a network that used to care about sports but now just wants to get into social issues and cancel incredible shows before they even get to their 2nd episode.

But between the stick technology, the creativity in the game, and the fact that lacrosse is now a year round sport, we have officially entered the golden era for lax highlights. It’s going to get harder and harder for the haters to stay away from the sport.

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P.S. – Just for old time’s sake.