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Peter Vecsey Tweeting Out Biggie Lyrics With The N-Word Censored Out When Talking About The LeBron-Kanter Scuffle Seems Like A Bad Idea



As soon as I saw that go out last night, I knew it would cause a firestorm on Twitter. That’s not a 2017 thing either. That’s a common sense in any year thing. White people have been looking around before singing rap songs in public for decades now and radio editing themselves if they were in mixed racial company. That didn’t start once Outrage Culture and SJWs starting packing heat on social media.

I understand many of us got a little hot under the collar during last night’s game. Knicks fans were fired up before tipoff and that little scuffle only escalated things further. Hand up, I was screaming for LeBron James (a FATHER OF THREE!) to suck my dick and started calling Enes Kanter “Turkish Delight” despite not knowing what the fuck Turkish Delight actually is.

I don’t think Peter Vecsey is racist. His track record says the opposite. I think he’s an old school reporter that has never given a fuck what people say or think about him. That tweet is very much on brand for him in that regard.





I personally like to quote Biggie lyrics when I blog or tweet. But I have a pretty steadfast rule about throwing out any form of the N-word, regardless of asterisks. That’s just my stance. If you want to fire off tweets uncut to the gut and deal with the shitstorm, that’s your prerogative. Biggie may not have been on this planet for a long time, but he did get manage to get three albums (including one double album) worth of material. Plus he made guest appearances on other songs and has a bevy of remixes. People forget that Puffy was the king of the remix. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure I can make my point using one of the other hundreds of Biggie lyrics and my dumb ass didn’t even go to Journo school.