The Best Touchdown Celebration Of The Year Was This Human Limbo Celly In The CFL


And just like that the CFL is back on the map. No Johnny Football or Trent Richardson? No problem! Not when the Redblacks (am I allowed to say that?) are out here turning humans into limbo sticks. All that was missing from that was some “Hot, Hot, Hot” playing in the background along with the faint smell of Pina Coladas. The Redblacks definitely get the gold medal for the weekend while the Vikings get silver.

To be clear, the Vikings don’t get the silver because I love leap frog or any nonsense like that. But because I thought they were going for a Human Centipede celly right in the middle of our nation’s capital.


Now will somebody please turn on the Juju Smith-Schuster Signal and let him know we need to bring the Touchdown Celebration Crown back to the states. Because Young Juju is the only person in the NFL that can come close to matching the human limbo.

Shit, Juju may get the gold medal for that one. Love that guy.