Mother Who Drank Worm Out Of Son's Capri Sun Needs To Drink A Tall Glass Of Shut The Fuck Up

“The kids are OK as of now…As of now I’m OK too.” Quit acting like your and your stupid children’s lives were at risk. You know what happens when you drink out of a product that defends itself by saying your just drinking the shit out of mold? You sometimes get a worm or two. And that’s if you’re lucky. Shocked a batch of Cyanide has never been chilling inside those fortresses of juice. But it’s not going to alter the fact your kids are going to grow up complete pussies. Why? Because you’re opening up their Capri Suns for them. That’s the biggest challenge every child face on a daily basis and you’re just giving them the reward without making them fight the battle. No character or honor will ever be established. Slippery slope to these little fuckers expecting everything to be given to them in life.

On the bright side at least this broad can now be matched up perfectly with this catch of the century: