At What Point Do We Consider That The Browns Are Point Shaving?

Look I get it, they’re the Browns. And the Browns are going to be the Browns for the rest of time. There’s nothing they can do to stop themselves from being themselves. But as my coworker Dave points out in this video – the first half spread was 6.5. A field goal covers that, a touchdown covers that, a fucking drop kick covers that. They could’ve done pretty much anything other than what they did and they cover that line. Hue Jackson isn’t the sharpest knife on the Christmas tree as a head coach but he used to have that Bengals offense BUZZING as their offensive coordinator. Not to mention the Browns just marched down the field to score a touchdown to start the second half. Something has got to be awry here and if I’m a Browns fan I probably am hoping for some foul play. I could live with point shaving far easier than I could live with that call as an earnest attempt at scoring points. A QB sneak with no timeouts and only 15 seconds left down 7 with a 6.5 line has my tinfoil hat firmly on my head. The Browns can’t possibly be that stupid, I refuse to believe the organization that celebrated trading for AJ McCarron so hard that they forgot to call in the trade to make it official would run a QB draw from the two with zero timeouts left. For the love of all that is good and right in the world, please be point shaving.