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Butch Jones Officially Out At Tennessee

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When you don’t score a touchdown for an entire half against UMass, or score a touchdown at all for 28 whole days, and have conference fan bases making custom shirts in hopes that you get to keep your job, you probably held on to your job for several more months than you deserved. 14-24 in the SEC at the helm of the Vols looks bad, because it is, and it looks worse when you realize he’s 4-10 against that same competition over the past two seasons.

To be fair to Butch, he did go 3-0 in Tennessee’s bowl games during his tenure. Bringing home the prestigious TaxSlayer, Outback and Music City Bowl crowns that boosters have been waiting generations to see displayed at Rocky Top.

I guess we have a final answer as to how long “Saturdays are for the boys” can keep you employed: one week.

Now that Jones is officially out, it’s time to turn our attention to the only man for the job who absolutely will not take the job because he’d be a crazy person to turn down television analyst money to actually try and win games against Nick Saban: