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LeBron Takes One Last Shot At Phil Jackson, Says The Knicks Should Have Drafted Dennis Smith Jr.

The only thing I respect more than a good grudge is some Phil Jackson slander. Yeah I’m sure LeBron actually likes Dennis Smith’s game and all. But make no mistake about it, that was a shot at ol’ Phillip. The Zen Master had the audacity to drop the P-Word about LeBron’s friends last year (posse not pussy) and this quote was the result. Bron Bron doesn’t dip into the mud often, but when he does it indeed becomes headline news (even though he usually just subtweets or subgrams people and claims that he isn’t talking shit or is just a really big Arthur fan like a bitch).

To Knicks fans, Phil Jackson is like the ex-wife that left you a couple of wonderful, beautiful children but also scarred you to the point where you thought you may have to turn to black tar heroin in order to cope with the stunts she was pulling. Once she started threatening to trade away your most beautiful, tallest child away, the divorce had to become final.

So I have no problem with LeBron tossing Phil under the bus he was likely riding. But something about LeBron slurping Dennis Smith Jr’s dick with that smug little grin on his face makes my want to puke everywhere. Especially since he was admiring Smith’s game like he paid for a fucking ticket to the arena.

Now I need Frank Ntilikina to swallow LeBron whole with his octopus arms on Monday and, in the words of the Iron Sheik, humble him like in the old country. Granted, that probably won’t happen since LeBron usually brings the intensity of the NBA Finals game to The Garden because he’s an asshole. This season has been an unexpected blast so far for Knicks fans. But now I need Frankie and the boys to beat the Cavs on Monday. To be honest I kind of expect it since the Knicks already beat the Cavs in Cleveland and are SIGNIFICANTLY ahead of them in the standings (please pay no attention to exactly how many games ahead they actually are).


And I will admit that I was all ready to have nightmares of Dennis Smith being the one that got away for the next 15 years. Especially when Frank played about 6 seconds of actual basketball before the regular season tipped off. But I’m pretty damn happy with the 19-year-old French Prince of Madison Square slowly putting things together on offense while being able to lock down all sorts of positions on defense. He’s looking much better than the point guard on last year’s superteam.

Plus Frank seems to be developing a pretty good rapport with our 7’3″ MVP candidate.



(New KP shirts coming soon…)

If anyone knows about scouting NBA talent, it’s LeBron James. He only ditches his teams for the best situations, whether it’s D Wade and Bosh or Kyrie and 100 other #1 picks because the Cavs just happened to win the lottery seemingly every year Bron Bron’s talents were in South Beach. However, the Shabazz Napier pick as Bron was typing up the rough draft of his I’m Coming Home article for SI remains a Frederic Weis-esque mark on GM LeBron’s resume.

Hopefully someone on the Knicks will say “LeBron should be a Cav” next season after he leaves Cleveland fans in the dust for a second time and cements his legacy as the most physically gifted ring chaser since Wilt Chamberlain. And if I had to put money on who would say it, I would bet it on Enes Kanter.


P.S. Fuck Daylight Savings Time for screwing up my sleep schedule to the point where I am awake at 3:30 every morning. Yeah it’s only an hour and happened a week ago. But even the smallest change screws up my peasant brain. Thank God for the EMTC.