Jimmer Fredette And Stephon Marbury Got Themselves Into A Nice Little Altercation This Morning

Obviously I DM’d this video to the Wonton Don as soon as I saw it but he told me to blog it because he was actually at the game and may have a video coming out next week for it. I kissed the ring and followed his orders because I figured it would be better to get a blog up here ASAP to steal any potential views from that clownhouse in Bristol.

I honestly can’t believe that Donnie’s wet dream just played out on a basketball court right in front of him. Rocky vs. Drago in real life, except if both of them were American, cashing them checks from a communist regime, and didn’t even come close to throwing a punch because that’s how 99.9999% of basketball scraps go. The Mormon Megalodon vs. Starbury live from Shanghai with Pony Tail enforcing like Charles Oakley in his prime. If we are being honest, I am shocked that Donnie didn’t fly down from the rafters like Sting once that shit went down and started the Tussle In The Shahhhhk Tank.


To be honest, I didn’t know that Jimmer’s mormon ass even had the ability to get angry. I thought he lived by the motto Ball is Life and Basketball Is Love. But there he was getting all up in Starbury’s face and probably smelling a bunch of Vaseline breath. When Dave Portnoy sold his soul to the devil, not only did Dave have breaks fall his way, but so do his employees. Granted Donnie didn’t see the fight live with his own two eyes.

But that’s what happens when your stomach is filled with a dozen beers and 4 Fantas during an intense basketball game. All’s well that ends well I guess.

Also not sure how this fight will effect the chemistry in the Knicks locker room. Granted Jimmer and Starbury haven’t been Knicks for years, but everyone knows that the phrase goes once a Knick always a Knick.