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A Bunch Of Burglars Stole A Puppy..........Then Brought It Back Cause They Felt So Bad

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Mashable- An eight-week-old puppy that was stolen from a house in Melbourne, Australia, has been returned to a “devastated” family after local police launched a public appeal. A number of items including a laptop, an iPad and jewellery were also stolen from the home on Monday. Yet it was the missing labrador, Sasha, that distressed the family most — especially the daughter of the dog’s owner, four-year-old Maia. “We’ve only had her a week, but she’s part of the family. She was my daughter’s best friend, and those two spent each night falling asleep together in the dog bed,” Sasha’s owner, Ryan Hood, told Today.

Omar Little said it best. A man got to have a code. Any person who makes his living ripping and running has to have a line even they refuse to cross. For instance, Omar never put his gun on no citizen. He wouldn’t raise his shotgun to anyone who wasn’t in the game. No matter what. These burglars found their line when they scooped up a little girl’s puppy while robbing a house. They took laptops, an iPad and jewelry. That was all fine. But a puppy? You can’t steal a fucking puppy dude. You just can’t. Nobody is gonna be mad that you stole a couple Apple products. Shit happens. Those people are probably better off without their iPad. But steal a puppy and you’re gonna have the whole world coming after you and rightfully so. That’s a bridge too far.

Although the fact that they even stole the puppy in the first place is a sign that they’re true scum. My guess is they gave the puppy back cause they knew there’d be backlash, not that they thought it was morally wrong. They wouldn’t have stole it in the first place if they thought it went against their standards. You know what? Give these dudes the death penalty actually. They did the right thing but only after they did the wrong thing. Unforgivable. Shout out to the little girl being reunited with her puppy though.


And here we have the greatest Omar scene and possible the greatest scene in TV history. There are spoilers so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen The Wire