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Video: This Rapping Staff Sergeant Has Mad Skillz

Can I kick it?  Yes you can!  Can I kick it?  Yes you can!  Somebody get Jimmy Iovine or Shawn Carter on the phone and get this guy signed to a major label.  The “not too hot like the rockets we blast off” line caused me to react like I just saw Skip To My Lou break somebody’s ankles at Rucker Park.  Gotta love that.  Just a feel good video.  Little girl breaks her leg, probably super bummed about it and then Notorious B.I.G. of the emergency room comes flying in out of nowhere with a masterful rap to cheer her up.  Good on you, sir.  I guess I just have one question: Do they only do this for kids?  Like if that were an adult sitting there would he be doing the same thing?  I’m not saying I want this guy to rap to me if I ever get injured, but I want this guy to rap to me if I ever get injured.  What’s their policy on rapping to a guy who may or may not have health insurance?  We can cross that bridge when we come to it.  If by some scientific miracle I break one of my cankles some day I want this guy to come in and tell me everything’s going to be okay.  I will purposely break a bone in my body if I’m guaranteed a rap song.