Jalen Ramsey Continues To Call AJ Green Soft And Weak

Jalen has been incredible this year. He’s been shutting down receivers every single week and helped the Jaguars only give up 154 yards in the air every week. This week was no exception. AJ Green had 1 catch for 6 yards and that catch came because it was third and 12 and the defense gave up the underneath pass on the sideline.


He’s been making freakishly athletic plays and jumping routes but it might be his personality that’s just as important to the team. Between Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith, you have two dudes who go out there and busts their asses each and every play. For the first time in about 8 years, the Jaguars don’t expect to lose. Ramsey and Smith expect to win and they expect to beat other offenses into the ground.

In the last 8 quarters, the Jaguars have given up 7 points. Sure, they shut out the Colts and gave up 7 points to the Bengals. In the last few years, the Jaguars have served as nearly a Bye week for other teams. We would see teams sit starting quarterbacks who were sore so they could rest up for games that mattered. That’s no longer the case and with the Jaguars leading the league in sacks, it’s them that are making the QBs sore.

It feels good to just not suck. Hopefully, that continues behind Jalen Ramsey and his big mouth when they play the Chargers this week. The Chargers defensive coordinator is none other than ole Gus Bradley. He went 14-48 in Jacksonville. Not good.