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You're Never Gonna Believe This But Dressing Up As A Suicide Bomber For Halloween Is Not A Good Idea

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Mashable- One man’s ill-advised Halloween outfit idea has landed him in trouble with the authorities in Malaysia. Police said they arrested the unnamed man on Tuesday, after a startled resident ran into the man in an apartment building’s elevator, while the latter was dressed as a “suicide bomber.” His outfit, which he claimed was for a Halloween party, included a chequered head dress, a fake beard, and a mock “bomb” made of cardboard, wires and empty water bottles. The resident lodged a police report after, and the authorities are investigating him for criminal intimidation. His outfit may have been intended as a joke, but the public in the Muslim-majority country are not likely to find it as amusing. The police chief in Petaling Jaya told local papers that the man’s attire raises a sensitive issue, following recent incidents in the country linked to the Islamic State.


So obviously this is a terrible idea. It was a terrible idea from the very moment it entered this guy’s brain. I bet he thought he was gonna be super edgy and super cool with his suicide bomber costume. This is a classic case of When Trying To Be Too Edgy On Halloween Goes Wrong. He had grand illusions about people being like, “LOL. Todd really nailed it this year. What a guy. Fucking Todd.” Nope. Instead he ended up in jail like a jackass. Did they make him wear the costume in jail? That would’ve been hilarious actually.

But you know who I really blame for this? His friends. They let this happen. Cause you know for a fact he ran it by them. You always run your costume ideas by your buddies. They’re the ones who will tell you if your idea is lame or too far or whatever. And you especially run it by them when it has the potential to be super controversial. Now, usually a controversial Halloween costume is something like a celebrity who recently died or a controversial political figure. Not a fucking suicide bomber. So it’s a little different but it’s not really. If anything, it’s a more pressing matter for his friends to squash this idea in its embryo stage. Unless they purposely encouraged him to wear it cause they knew it’d be a disaster. I’d be okay with that as well. Just guys being dudes not telling their friend it’s a super bad idea to wear a suicide bomber costume. I’m okay living in that world.