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This Gasoline-Addicted Drunk Monkey Needs An Intervention

Source - Nov. 7 (UPI) – A group of Thai motorcyclists vexed by their bikes being repeatedly targeted by a gasoline thief held a stakeout to bust the culprit: a gas-addicted monkey.

The motorcyclists, who work as merchants at Insaar Bazaar in Panipat, said they repeatedly returned to their bikes after work to find the motorcycles had been drained of fuel by an unknown thief. The bikers held a stake out and captured footage of the culprit — a monkey that was removing their fuel pipes and drinking the gasoline.

The men said the monkey would sit calmly next to the motorcycles until there was no one around before committing the thefts. “The monkey was clearly addicted to the petrol,” said Gaurav Leekha, who runs a volunteer organization in the city. “It would refuse to eat even bananas and nuts if anyone offered it.”

Leekha said the monkey did not pose any danger to humans. “It would not trouble anyone as it was perhaps always high,” he said. The merchants said the monkey stopped targeting their bikes after being repeatedly shooed away from the parking lot.


You have to feel for the family in these situations. I can’t imagine the stress they’ve been under. He seems like he’s been at it for a while too. He knew exactly what he was doing. The second the motorcyclist walked away he was rigging his fix. Didn’t even flinch when they turned around. Ready to risk it all over a buzz. Just goes to show how powerful addiction is. Makes you wonder where it started. Was he hanging out with the wrong crowd? Was he not getting the attention he needed at home? When was the first hit? Surely he didn’t start with gasoline. That’d be like a human taking a shot of Listerine for their first drink. All I know is that he needs help. I’ve watched too many episodes of  Intervention to think this is a problem he can fix on his own. Personally, I’d call Jeff Van Vonderan.

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He’s much more tender than Candy which is important when the subject is committing crime to feed their addiction. As long as his family stops enabling and he doesn’t cut his treatment short he has a good shot. He’d make a great before and after pic too.

Credit to the humans who were able to realize that his actions were the result of an addiction, not a poor moral compass.  I’m surprised they didn’t just kill him on sight. I get that monkeys are scary but gasoline’s expensive. If A&E is reading please reach out. Not only would it make a great episode it would do a lot to raise awareness about the different kinds of addiction across the world.