Donald Trump Just Dropped The Greatest Hype Video Of All-Time Right In Kim Jong-Un's Eyeball


Holy shit I am ready to run through a brick wall after seeing that. I do not understand how this hasn’t been Trump’s angle from Day 1 of his Presidency. Yeah a bunch of people already hated him after he was sworn in. But once all that stuff died down and they realized that they should root for Trump’s success, Donnie and his team should have been just dropping real life movie trailers in our face every single day. Videos like this Michael Bay-esque masterpiece for international conflicts. Something lighter and funny for when the Mooch was the Grandpa Simpson gif at the White House. And with the holidays around the corner, someone should work on a video of Donnie and his kids doing wholesome family stuff as Solsbury Hill plays in the background.


Videos like THIS is why you elect a reality star to the Oval Office. Instead of pissing off half the country, unite all of us around our love for for US of A and films where we always win. Before that video, I was kind of concerned that this whole North Korea stare down may all end in a nuclear holocaust with multiple countries being wiped off the map. But after watching that video, I’ve never been more sure that we are gucci and about to blow North Korea into smithereens.

Kim Jong must be sooooooo pissed Donnie did him dirty like that right from across the Korean peninsula. That rotund little fuck may have nuclear capabilities, but there is no way he has producers that can make a hype video even CLOSE to that good. Even that logo is clean as fuck.

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

P.S. It just occurred to me that this video may be the actual thing that triggers nuclear winter, but if you are going to go out, you might as well go out with a belly full of national pride.