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Toews Ruled Out For Rest Of The Regular Season







Well this is no bueno. Hawks seed is probably set so the regular season really doesn’t matter anymore but I just don’t see Q saying 100% by the start of the playoffs actually happening. Call me a skeptic but having Toews and Kane step right back in come April 18th at 100% seems like a little bit of wishful thinking. I hope I’m wrong, I really really do.




ALL the talk this week has been how the Blackhawks should have retaliated and that they’re not tough enough and blah blah blah. It’s the same shit every year with this team. That they don’t play tough enough and don’t hit enough. I don’t get it, they win games with skills and having the best players on the ice. That’s the formula. Not outhitting people and winning meaningless fights. Obviously I wouldn’t mind seeing Orpik get his face smashed in but at the same time the Blackhawks shouldn’t change who they are. People called the Red Wings soft too, the team that won a million cups in a decade. Talent trumps everything and when healthy the Hawks have the most on ice talent, “protecting” players didn’t seem to have an impact on last year’s cup run.




Double PS


I think Chief legit died. I haven’t heard from him in like 4 days. Not taking this string of bad news well.