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Is This The Most Impressive Sports Stat Of All Time?

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Lakers and Celtics are the two franchises with more than 16 50 win seasons


I don’t want to be a “This is the greatest thing ever” guy because that gets thrown around too often, but I actually think this may be the most impressive stat I have ever seen. Tim Duncan has more 50 win seasons than 29 Franchises. Not players, FRANCHISES.  Incomprehensible how long he has been so good. Backboard fadeaways for almost 2 decades.


Oh and maybe the craziest part of this stat is that this is really 17 seasons. 17 for 17. Perfect record, because the one year he did not win 50 games was the 1998-99 strike season when the Spurs went 37-13 and won the NBA title. So basically Tim Duncan just always wins no matter what. Unreal.





*Also note the NBA has been playing 80 or more games since 1960 so it’s not a small sample size.