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I'm Officially Done With McKayla Maroney And Her Childish Little Games





OMG so funny McKayla, you got us!



Look, I know McKayla Maroney is loved around these parts but I think I’m officially done with her. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s hot, that’s not the issue. The issue is shit like this. She’s 18 but she acts like a fucking child. I don’t know why in my head I just assumed on her 18th birthday she would be getting mixed up in some P in V vids but I did. And the reality of it is nothing has changed. She wants to play a bunch of cutesy games like this fine? Have at it, just don’t expect the more mature bloggers of the world to stay interested. There are plenty of hot women on the internet, you’re a dime a dozen McKayla, if you  want to stay ahead of the pack you need to Figure it out. *Wink Wink*.