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Craig Carton Speaks Publicly For The First Time Since His Arrest, Takes Shots At Geno Smith

NY Post – Two minutes of silence used to be unheard of from Craig Carton. Now, his two months of silence is over.

The former shock jock and half of the “Boomer & Carton” pair made his first public comments since his Sept. 6 arrest, revealing the toll his alleged role in a $4.6 million ticket-reselling scam has taken on both him and his family.

The former WFAN loudmouth, who faces up to 45 years if convicted on charges of conspiracy, securities fraud and wire fraud, did not lay out his defense plan, but did tell USA Today that his world has come crumbling down.

“It is devastating,” Carton told the newspaper Monday. “There is no other word for it. It has thrown my entire life upside down — I have to talk to my kids about things that they might not understand but that I know they are reading … adult things that no kid should ever have to read about, especially when you are talking about their father.

“As far as the personal toll,” he added, “I was employed for 10 years at my dream job. I have no income now. My life unfortunately is kind of on hold. The last two months have been hell.”

“It is killing me,” Carton said. “I made my living speaking and being opinionated on whatever it was I was speaking about. Now I am the focus of that. I am the subject that people are talking about. It is extraordinarily frustrating. It is maddening. It was beyond difficult to keep my lips tight for the last two months.”

Two months of sitting on Geno Smith jokes. The current Giants backup and former Jets laughingstock couldn’t be spared in Carton’s first public comments, after Smith had jabbed Carton after the arrest.

Geno Smith?” Carton said. “Who’s that – is he still playing football? It says a lot about Geno Smith’s career that I made him relevant again. [The Giants] lost by 34 points [on Sunday] and he still had negative stats. So I don’t worry about Geno Smith. Geno Smith’s career speaks for itself and mine does as well, and I would put mine against his any day of the week.”

Aside from a twitter statement basically saying he was innocent and when the facts come out he’ll be vindicated, this is the first time Carton has spoken since his arrest. And goddamnit is it funny that he took some time to bash Geno Smith. I mean Geno Smith should be the absolute LAST thing Craig Carton is worrying about right now. He’s gotta be facing very serious jail time and his life is in jeopardy, but he still took the time to talk that shit. Which I personally love, man. I know what Craig allegedly did is really fucked up. Messing with people’s money like that is low. Its scummy. But I like the guy. I just like him. I’m bias and I admit it. He’s been an entertaining loud mouth on the FAN for 10 years now, and even when he’s facing certain doom he’s still poppin off at the mouth feuding with New York athletes. I’m not condoning his actions, I’m certainly not defending his innocence – but I’m just saying Craigy is still out here doing Craigy things and its funny. Sucks that this sort of banter will all be coming to an end soon.