Mike Leach Breaks Down The Best Mascots In The Country And He's Spot On

Coach Leach had me hooked as soon as he said there should be more sharks. Couldn’t agree more. LSU with a live tiger? Get outta town. That’s awesome although the cage is a touch small. We can all agree there. Tigers are roaming creatures. Let’s give them some breathing room. Buffalo from Colorado? Respect that. Shoutout to Kordell Stewart and Rashaan Salaam.


The Pitt State gorillas from fucking Kansas. Love that too. Red and yellow gorillas isnt what you’d expect. I’d think they’d be silver and black but that’s me thinking inside the box.


Could not agree more with Leach that a gorilla could whip a lot of stuff. Strongest animal in the game pound for pound. No disrespect to the hippo which is a force to be reckoned with and should certainly be a mascot. “We are HUNGRY HUNGRY! We are HIPPOS!” Incredible.

Leach is right though. If you’re a jungle-based mascot, you gotta come out to Welcome to the Jungle and throw bananas all over the yard. The other team would be shakin in their boots.

Welcome to Pitt State because you’re about to play the gorillas. How bout that?