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Vin Scully Will Never Watch An NFL Game Again Because Of The Anthem Protests

I’m pretty sure Vin Scully is old enough that he used to be able to legally own people so this isn’t exactly a shocking response, but still….



For years I’ve been anti-Vin Scully. I hated all the hullaballoo surrounding him and was downright perturbed during his final season when absolutely everything he said became a viral clip. There was one game where he spent an entire inning just talking about like fucking dirt. Didn’t do his job, didn’t call the game, just discussed dirt ad nauseam and people acted like it was the most amazing shit ever. I was like uhhh this isn’t a brilliant broadcaster at work, this is a man who doesn’t even know where the hell he is and is just spewing nonsense. But, people ate it up and shunned me whenever I said he was an annoying dick.

Well, look at me now! Now I’m on the right side of history. Vin Scully is an asshole. Whatever your stance on the protests, if you’re for them or choose to pretend they’re anti-military and anti-flag, if you actually refuse to watch football games because of it then you’re an asshole. That’s not up for debate.

Using simple math that means Vin Scully is an asshole and I’m finally confirmed correct in my assumption. Feels good.