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Get Your Popcorn Ready For Jamie Benn vs Dustin Byfuglien Round 2

Last week hockey fans were treated to some olde time hockey when Jamie Benn and Dustin Byfuglien dropped the mitts and went at it. Benn is listed at 6’2″ 209 lbs (little lighter than I imagined) and Byfuglien is listed at 6’5″ 260 lbs. Clearly Byfuglien has a huge size advantage but I’d throw both of these guys in the heavyweight division. Then you add in the fact that both of these guys are all stars, Benn is the captain of the Stars and Byfuglien wears the A for Winnipeg. You’ve got everything that hockey fans could ever ask for. These aren’t a couple of goons out there who are only paid to bleed for their team. These are two skill guys who just happen to be absolute monsters and decided to settle a situation with their fists instead of their words, like men. And with Winnipeg in Dallas tonight, it looks like round two is on the way.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 1.11.52 PM

Now this could just be Jamie Benn messing around and giving Byfuglien a little pre-game shit. But I’m gonna go ahead and say this is a pretty genuine warning from the guy. I mean, he kinda got a little rag dolled there toward the end of that first fight. Granted, he gave up a few inches and about 50 lbs on that matchup. But I think Jamie Benn has too much heart to just let Byfuglien hit Radulov like that, then lose the fight, and just have it all be water under the bridge. Especially not within a week. He’s probably still a little pissed about the hit and has a few more adjustments he’d like to make to Byfuglien’s face about it. So now not only is this psychopath going to fight Dustin Byfuglien once this season, but that savage is gonna go back for a second time. You have to be out of your damned mind to willingly fight that guy twice and Jamie Benn might just make this a new tradition every time the Stars and Jets play. Tell me you wouldn’t tune in to every game.

Puck drops at 8:30. Hopefully the gloves drop by 8:35.