The Great, The Greater, And The Greatest From The Eagles SHELLACKING Of The Broncos

51-23. Basically 44-9 when it mattered. Unreal, and almost too easy. Usually we roll out a “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” blog highlighting, well, the good/bad/ugly after Eagles games. But something has come to our attention these past few weeks…other than injuries, there has been no ugly. Hell, there really hasn’t been much bad. It’s been one glorious, and seemingly smooth victory after another for the Birds. And that didn’t change one bit yesterday with an absolute bloodbath over the Denver Broncos, who came in as the #1 overall team defense in the NFL (yards, not points, FYI). All the Eagles did was put up 44 points…BEFORE THE 4TH QUARTER EVEN STARTED. Great times had by all.

We can go through all the stats and stuff – Carson slung for another 4 TD’s. Eagles had 419 to the Broncos measly 226 total yards. The Birds also CRUSHED the Time Of Possession game yet again…wait, the Broncos had the ball more??? 30:06 to 29:54??? That’s a shocker. Still, there’s a lot to go around, so here’s a mishmash of mostly delightful happenings that occurred during yesterday’s football contest –


Not too shabby of a running performance:

Roll That Jay:

What’s in the box??? Von Miller and Aquib Talib, dammit:



And is 3 TD in the first half vs one of the league’s best defenses good?

All of the LOLz. All of them. He was almost open:

Seems like a good problem to have:

We’ve had ourselves a certified Will Hunting here at the tailgate. Quick Maths:


Honestly, it wasn’t even that enjoyable of a game to watch at one point:

Another fun fact:

The Eagles have not allowed a 100-yard rusher since Week 6 of 2016. That’s just wonderful.

I’m going to give credit where credit is due again: Dougie and the staff had the boys ready to play and play hard. It’s ho hum to this point, but it’s still beyond impressive and should not go unnoticed. 8-1 going into the BYE with the biggest game in 3 years vs. Dallas in week 10. It’s indeed a fun, wild ride right now. Enjoy it. And let the peasants, rejoice.

PS – I would say pump those Delco brakes, but this guy probably has a suspended license, anyways.