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Diddy Announces He Is Officially Changing His Name To Brother Love

Diddy is still doing this bullshit, huh? I couldn’t tell you the last time Sean Combs was all up in the videos, all on the records, dancin’ like a silly son of a bitch. But it has to be at least a decade, right? I didn’t know you could change your nickname if you were basically retired. At least attempt to remix another one of Biggie’s classics before making the change, SEAN!

This is why we should have nipped everything in the bud way back when and told Diddy that once he was Puff Daddy, he was Puff Daddy for good. That nickname was perfect as it was and Puffy was the perfect remix to the nickname. But we didn’t do anything because saying Diddy, P.Diddy, and all that other nonsense was fun. That’s why the Ben Stiller cameo of Bad Boy For Life still holds up to this day.


But I cannot let a man with more nicknames than me on the Game of Thrones postshow disrespect a legend, especially a legend that is no longer with us. Because no matter how many albums Diddy sold or how long he was with J. Lo, there is only and forever will be only one true Brother Love.

Shameful shit, Sean. Brother Love was out breaking news and making memories while Puffy was still Harlem Shaking his dick off in college. Diddy is #NotMyBrotherLove.

Luckily all this name change nonsense is probably some sort of marketing push to announce a new Ciroc flavor or something. But if Diddy changes his Twitter handle to @BrotherLove and allows someone else to become @Diddy on Twitter, I’ll officially be triggered.