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Heisman Front Runner Baker Mayfield Didn't Care to Celebrate Saturday's Bedlam Win Because "Beating Oklahoma State is Expected"

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In case you lived under a rock on Saturday and missed the offensive explosion between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, Baker Mayfield shot up the Heisman rankings to become the front runner. On Saturday he put numbers that aren’t even possible in a video game unless you play full 15 minutes quarters like a sociopath. OSU would score a touchdown and a few plays later Baker Mayfield would answer right back with a score of his own. It got to a point where it was laughable how unstoppable these offenses were and how horrible the defenses were at stopping a curl route from being taken to the house.

Throughout the year, Baker has made headlines for celebrating huge wins on opponents fields.

He did it at The Shoe in the beginning of the season when he planted the OU flag at midfield.

He did it against Texas after winning this year’s Red River Rivalry as he rode off on an imaginary horse wearing the famed golden hat.

So what about after winning a shootout of the ages against your in-state rivalry on the road? Nothing. They weren’t deserving of a celebration.

“Winning around here is expected. Winning against Oklahoma State is expected.” -Baker Mayfield

BALLER. Let me invest all the stock I can in Baker Mayfield. He’s the best thing in college football right now and it’s quite frankly not close. If this guy isn’t drafted in the first round next year something is seriously wrong with the NFL. You mean to tell me you like Wyoming’s Josh Allen over this guy? Josh Rosen who struggles just to get his team over .500 every year? Sure, Baker plays in the Big 12, where defense isn’t a coveted concept in those parts, but this guy makes all the plays and most importantly he’s a goddamn winner. If you don’t root for this guy every Saturday you have a huge dump in your pants.

P.S. Who’s the most successful NFL QB to come out of the Big 12 in recent memory? Sadly, the answer is probably Sam Bradford. Baker has to change that.