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Ben McAdoo's Halftime Speech Sounded Like Inspiring Stuff!

Now THAT is how you motivate 53 men to all move as one unit when the chips are down! For a brief moment there, Benny With The Jinxed Hair turned into General George Patton of the gridiron. Just kidding, he turned into every single person that was asked questions during a job interview they were totally unqualified to get.






*enhance into brain*

When the Giants hired Ben McAdoo, I said I hoped he wasn’t the next Ray Handley. Then he showed up in a bad-fitting suit, kept the same terrible haircut, showed his team viral snuff films and Game of Thrones scenes, and took the team to the playoffs in his first season. Myself and countless others looked pass the warning signs like the predictable offense, winning coin flip games that the Giants were due to win after losing them the year before, as well as a spending spree to fix the defense and fell in love. If falling in love with a goofy-looking man that went 11-5, won Rookie Coach of the Year*, and led his team to the playoffs is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


However let me just say that if McAdoo stammered because he didn’t know how to tell everyone he did the Jameis Winston finger-lick speech before the Giants were outscored 24-7 in the second half, then I am fine with this interview and everything he has ever done.

And now your Moment of Ben

*This may or may not be a made up award