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Mike Evans Joins In On The Fun: Spears Marshon Lattimore, Ignites Brawl

No idea what’s going on in the NFL today. Every game is a blowout except for Titans-Ravens and absolutely no one wants to watch Titans-Ravens. The only receiver I haven’t seen use his hands to fight or catch a football has been Julio Jones. Just a strange, strange day all around.

In the A.J. Green-Jalen Ramsey fight, Ramsey started it with a push, A.J. finished it by completely melting down and overreacting. Both were ejected, even if Ramsey probably should’ve just got a flag, but you can somewhat understand the refs trying to get control over a situation by tossing everyone in an attempt to deter further scraps moving forward.

Well the refs did the complete opposite of that in New Orleans. Jameis, after delivering the worst pregame speech of all time then leaving the game with an injury, decided to walk over and poke Marshon Lattimore for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Then Lattimore retaliated, which no one should have a problem with. Mike Evans sprinted into the picture like the Ultimate Warrior to defend his QB and delivered a spear that would’ve left you or I dead on impact. Evans should’ve been tossed, Jameis and Lattimore probably should’ve got offsetting penalties. Naturally the refs just said, “Boys will be boys,” and kept it moving. Fair enough.


Wild afternoon. Somewhere Andre Johnson is smiling and Cortland Finnegan keeps getting cold sweats.