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Giants Tank Is In Full Effect

Whatever negative expectations anyone had for the Giants tilt with the Rams today, Big Blue certainly out-did them. Giving up a 50-spot at home after a bye week is the type of effort that puts jobs on the line all across the organization. Wide-open receivers missed for sure-fire scores. Turnovers. A blocked punt. Countless 20+ yard plays against a defense that couldn’t look to give any less of a fuck. Game Manager Goff dropped 300 & 4 scores in less than 40 minutes & the contest was as good as over after LA was able to turn a 3rd-and-33 into a 52-yard catch-and-run touchdown in the second quarter. Impossible to draw up a bigger embarrassment.

This G-Men season couldn’t end soon enough. On the bright side – we’re tanking HARD. NFL Draft 2018 here we come!

Hope Odell had a great 25th birthday afternoon!